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Are you good at influencing and convincing people? Are you interested in law and the law? If you want to plead before a court and not just give legal advice, then consider a career as a lawyer! Every day law firms search for a diverse number of legal profiles on Legaljob!

Some of the tasks you can generally expect to perform as a lawyer include giving legal advice, counselling, and researching and gathering information or evidence for a client. Depending on the branch of law you end up in, you will also have to be able to draft legal documents in relation to a huge variety of matters. Think of divorces, wills, contracts and real estate transactions. In addition, it is of course also possible that you will be prosecuting in court on behalf of your client or setting up a defence.


Classically, a lawyer works in a law firm. However, if you want to follow a different career path, you can work as a company lawyer in a private company, or act for the state or for the public prosecutor's office.The legal profession has long since ceased to be confined to posh mansions and dusty offices. If you want to work remotely as a lawyer, you can. More and more law firms are giving you the option of working (partly) from home.On Legaljob you can also find your internship for the 3 years of internship that you are required to complete in a law firm before you can call yourself a fully-fledged lawyer. If you want to work as a lawyer or as a partner lawyer, you can also find relevant job openings at offices all over Belgium.

Company law

Company law is not a synonym for business law, nor is it the same as commercial law. When you work in this branch of the law, your main clients are companies such as BV, NV and VOF.

As a company law lawyer, you give well thought-out advice to companies. These can be SMEs, but also larger companies and multinationals. You can often also work internally at companies as a company lawyer.

As a lawyer for a company, you will provide advice on shareholder relations, contracts, and invoice conditions. In addition, you are often heavily involved in the (re)organisation of the company and the expansion into new markets in terms of the legal aspect.

Are you fascinated by the business world? Do you want to negotiate and exert a major influence on the ins and outs of companies? Then legal vacancies in corporate law are definitely for you!

Corporate law

The world of a corporate law specialist is varied and challenging. Not a single day is the same. As a lawyer in this branch of the law, you not only provide legal advice to companies, but also defend the interests of non-profit organisations, foundations and de facto associations.

Are you interested in the non-profit sector or do you not want to limit yourself to companies only, then a job as a lawyer in corporate law is what you are looking for. Your duties are diverse. You will lead meetings, give well-founded advice, look into conflicts of interest and give your legal opinion on financial transactions.

You will often be asked to write or amend articles of association and to look for the most favourable legal arrangement for the company or organisation and its management.

Does a job as a lawyer in corporate law appeal to you? Then be sure to check out our vacancies.

Construction law and real estate law

Because Belgians have a brick in their stomach, there are always opportunities and jobs to be found in real estate law. Lawyers in real estate law document and assess (purchase) transactions between the parties in real estate. This may be the sale or purchase of a building, but also the lease, renovation, sublease, inspection and valuation thereof.

In addition, real estate lawyers also help with the necessary insurances, obtaining municipal and regional permits and checking whether all environmental legal requirements have been met.

When you start working for a company or government, you often have the responsibility to check if public tenders have been carried out correctly, and you can provide legal support as to why this is or is not the case.

Interested in a job where you have a lot of responsibility? You will certainly find one among our legal vacancies for construction and real estate law specialists!

Tax lawyer

Do you want to build a career in tax law? One of the most popular specialisations among law graduates is tax law. As a Master of Laws, you can work for a whole range of companies such as the Big Four and government institutions.

As a tax lawyer, you will provide a legal solution to complex tax issues or draw up appropriate advice. For individuals, tax lawyers use their tax knowledge of foundations, endowments and various advantageous tax structures to alleviate the burden of income and capital taxes, and help develop investment strategies.

They also assist companies to alleviate their taxpayers in a legally compliant manner.

If you are interested in a career in taxation, you are guaranteed to find an interesting current vacancy on our legal job board.

Lawyer Liability and Insurance Law

A lawyer who specialises in liability and insurance law gives legal advice on insurance and compensation to his or her clients.

Insurance law deals with the legal issues and disputes arising from the sale, use and payment of insurance policies, including bad faith and insurance fraud.

Liability lawyers often deal with insurance law, but not always. They are lawyers who help people who have suffered a physical or psychological injury as a result of another person's negligence or intent. Sometimes insurance is involved, but sometimes it is not.

As a lawyer in this field, you need knowledge of a large number of different branches of the law and you also need to be a good communicator in order to help your client in the best possible way.

If you are looking for a varied job in the legal profession, this branch of law is a very good option! Especially a legal profile with a specialisation in extra-legal liability is popular on the labour market.

Administrative law

Are you fascinated by administrative law? Do you know how to find your way through all the rules and regulations the government has created for its administrative affairs? Then a career in administrative law is certainly an interesting option.

As a lawyer in administrative law, you work around the various levels and branches of government and extra-governmental organisations. You will need to be able to perform a large number of different roles and know something about everything.

Does a job in administrative law appeal to you? Then you can find the job of your dreams on Legaljob. Companies, governments, the legal profession and non-profits regularly post vacancies looking for profiles with a specialisation in administrative law.


For many people - and even for lawyers - intellectual rights seem to be a far cry. Nothing could be further from the truth! IP law is all around us. It is one of the best-paying legal jobs and the number of vacancies for specialists in this branch of the law has been rising for years.

As a lawyer in intellectual property law, you give advice and defend the interests of your clients in the area of intellectual property. This may include their patents, copyrights, trademark law and moral rights.

You can also expect to deal with questions and lawsuits concerning matters such as licences, import and export of counterfeit goods and trade secrets. A corporate lawyer or lawyer who is well versed in intellectual rights is indispensable for international companies and governments.

If you are looking for current legal vacancies for lawyers with a specialisation or interest in IP law, then you have come to the right place at Legaljob.

Civil law

If you are a real generalist and do not want to deal with just one branch of law, you will certainly be interested in a job as a lawyer or advocate in civil law.

When you choose a career as a civil law lawyer, every day is different. You will handle divorces, business contracts, wills, mortgages and much more.

Often you will defend the interests of your clients in court or try to mediate between the parties.

Does a multi-faceted career as a lawyer in civil law appeal to you and are you looking for a nice employer in the legal profession or company to develop yourself? Then take a look at our recent legal vacancies!

Disputes and arbitration

Are you good at finding the right compromise? Are you a real expert at negotiating and giving everyone something they are happy with? Then a role as a mediator in legal conflicts is perfect for you.

The vast majority of legal problems are not resolved in court but between the parties themselves. This is often done with the help of a mediator or an arbitration judge. When you fulfil this role, it is important that you are able to reconcile the interests of two parties in a neutral way and find the best possible solution.

Are you a lawyer or attorney who sees the value of mediation and believes that you should not solve everything in court? Then a job in mediation or arbitration will certainly suit you!

Commercial law and contracts

Are you a lawyer who is good at combining economic interests and the law? Then a career in commercial law is ideal for you! Commercial law is more than just the rules of trade. Lawyers working in this field are at home in transactions between different parties, financial matters, economic and legal disputes, litigation and various other branches of the law. They have extensive experience in drafting contracts, mergers and acquisitions of companies, personnel agreements, and negotiations.

By choosing a job in commercial law, you have the opportunity to become acquainted with many other legal systems. For example, you will come into contact with German and French law, but also European law and the common law of the United States and Great Britain. If you want to do more than just deal with Belgian law, a job in (international) commercial law is a good choice!

Can you write a watertight contract for your client that takes the other party's interests into account? Are you a smart lawyer who knows how to make the best use of the interaction between theoretical law and practical contractual clauses? Then contract and commercial law is the ideal career choice for you. Contract law is a true profession where intelligence and cleverness are of great importance.

With us you are sure to find a legal vacancy for a lawyer in contract or commercial law near you!

Private equity

Lawyers who deal with private equity can expect a challenging and exciting career. Most of the cases you will be working on fall within Mergers and Acquisitions or investment management. Of course, there is often an overlap between the two.

The daily work of a lawyer who deals with funds and other forms of private equity is extensive and interesting. You negotiate with potential and existing investors. You look for partners and form joint ventures. You will advise your client on the right contracts and documents. You will help devise good compensation arrangements. In other words, you will become an indispensable part of the company you work for.

Do you want to become a company lawyer, or work in a law firm where these matters are daily business? Then our open legal jobs in private equity are what you are looking for!

Banking and financial law

A lawyer in the banking and financial sector must have a good overview of the increasingly complex rules in capital market law. You need to be able to get to grips with complex issues such as the laws regulating institutions that take deposits, collect currency or bills of exchange, make loans, issue shares, prospectuses, etc.

Banking lawyers provide legal services - such as giving advice - to the financial services industry. Think of banks, hedge funds, pension funds and companies that need capital to finance their commercial activities and acquisitions. Lawyers with a specialisation in financial law represent lenders, insurance agents and borrowers in these financial transactions.

Do you want to work for a law firm or a bank that is looking for a profile like yours? Then be sure to keep an eye on the vacancies on the website. Here you will find the most current vacancies for lawyers in the legal and banking sector for experts in banking and financial law.

Family law

Family law is a lot broader than you might think at first glance. A lawyer who specialises in family law always has something to do and must be an all-rounder.

As a specialist in this branch of the law, you will be faced with cases concerning adoption, parental child abduction, family estate planning, inheritance law, matrimonial law, and so on.

A lawyer in family law is usually close to his/her clients and builds a personal relationship with them. It is not uncommon for you to help several generations of the family through legal ups and downs.

Are you interested in working as a lawyer in family law and advising on family issues? Then be sure to check out the vacancies on our website.

Divorce law

Divorce lawyers focus on the many legal issues that have to be dealt with when a divorce is granted and a marriage dissolved.

In many cases, this goes beyond just ending the marriage. Common aspects that need to be dealt with are the custody of the children, the division of assets and debts between the parties, and the form of divorce.

You make sure that your client's rights are defended and they get what they are entitled to once the marriage has ended. Every case needs a different solution or approach. Therefore, it is important that you are able to deal with people and listen to their problems.

If you are looking for a job as a divorce lawyer in Belgium, Legaljob is the place to be for recent vacancies.

Vacancy for a lawyer

You have graduated in law and are looking for work. Do you choose a career as a freelance lawyer, in-house counsel or rather as a lawyer? Are you a good writer and can you do thorough research in a short time? Then a job in the legal profession is worth considering. Even if you have already completed your three-year internship, we have vacancies for lawyers who can handle cases on an independent basis.

A lawyer researches legal issues and is an expert in interpreting laws, regulations and court decisions. He draws up legal documents such as wills, deeds, contracts, trials and appeals.

As a budding lawyer these days, you have a great choice in the working style you want to adopt. You can find several vacancies in the legal profession where you can work remotely. In some cases, you can do most of the work at home. Only going to court is something you cannot do remotely.

Need a new challenge in your career as a lawyer? On Legaljob you will find vacancies of the largest law firms and companies in Belgium. You will find vacancies with the Big Four such as Deloitte in Brussels and EY in Antwerp. If you prefer to work in the fast-growing legal sector in Ghent and Hasselt, you can do so by applying to one of the many recent vacancies on Legaljob.

You will also find top firms recruiting legal profiles in Flanders. You will find current vacancies of large firms. So keep an eye on our JobAlert and find your dream job and employer as a lawyer!

Supervision & regulation

Are you someone who can quickly make analyses and link practice to theory at a glance? Are you driven to apply legislation to practical cases in a proactive and reactive way? Then a job as a lawyer focusing on supervision and regulation may be just what you want.

As a lawyer, you inform and advise parties such as the government, companies and associations on the practical application of relevant rules governing the activities they carry out. You must therefore have a good ready knowledge of environmental law, property law and administrative law.

If you are a lawyer who enjoys meeting people, is good at mediating and formulating practical proposals, then our vacancies in the area of supervision and regulation are right up your street.

Investment funds

Are you obsessed with the world of investments, IPOs, capital markets law and hedge funds? Then a legal role as an investment fund lawyer is what you are looking for.

A hedge fund lawyer is usually the first point of contact for a start-up investment fund. Law firms that focus on this clientele are looking for bright lawyers who can formulate concrete advice. The hedge fund managers work closely with the lawyer to develop the fund's structure and conditions. Your role is to develop a legal basis in the light of the fund's investment strategies.

Investment management lawyers are often specialised in a particular area. This is due to the ever-increasing complexity of the subject matter, but in general they all advise on the establishment, structuring, regulation and taxation of funds.

Do you recognise your profile in this description and are you looking for current vacancies in the legal profession to work for investment funds? Then take a look at the many vacancies for lawyers and jurists on our site.

Administrative law and public procurement

Every year, the government spends billions on public tenders. Law firms, companies and the various authorities in Belgium are always looking for lawyers and solicitors who know how to navigate this maze of rules.

If you have a specialisation or interest in real estate law and administrative law, you are a sought-after profile on the legal labour market. As a lawyer or attorney-at-law, your task is to check or draw up a public contract depending on who the party is.

In addition, you must also be able to negotiate well, draw up contracts and keep abreast of changes in the law. You also need to be able to exercise legal proceedings against an award decision and have an interest in damages law.

Every day Legaljob offers you new vacancies in administrative law and public procurement in Belgium and Flanders.

European law

European law is becoming more and more extensive and important in our society. For lawyers with a broad field of interest, it offers the opportunity to build an interesting and challenging career.

Lawyers with a specialisation in European law are sought after by all kinds of employers. Not only European organisations, but also international law firms and companies are looking for lawyers with this profile.

Current vacancies for the legal profession, private sector and public sector which are looking for lawyers specialised in European law can be found here on Legaljob!

Environmental law

Do you want to get started as a lawyer in environmental law? Then find the most current vacancies from companies, associations and governments on Legaljob. You will have to deal with challenging issues concerning urban and regional planning.

You must be able to combine different branches of the law to create a conclusive legal whole. A lawyer in environmental law often has to deal with administrative law, administrative law and environmental law and must continue to educate himself in these matters.

Your main task is to ensure that a real estate project proceeds according to the correct procedures and meets the conditions of the permits. You must be able to give quick and accurate advice, and be able to challenge or uphold administrative decisions. Often, you will also work with architects and the owner of the building, and you will take a look at the site.

Immigration law

Are you interested in social issues such as family and immigration law? Immigration lawyers provide legal guidance and advice on many immigration-related questions. In the case of administrative or legal proceedings, much more than immigration law comes into play. You often have to deal with completely different legal systems of faraway countries. You must also be familiar with the world of international treaties between countries and supra-governmental bodies.

For lawyers who like a diverse clientele and who can quickly familiarise themselves with the laws of different countries, a job in immigration law is a good option. You will not only have to deal with different legal systems, but also with different cultures, languages and authorities.

If you are looking for a challenge as an immigration lawyer, you can find the most current legal job openings on our job page.

Labour law and social security

Are you interested in a job as a lawyer specialising in employment law? Then Legaljob is the right place for you. Every day we have relevant vacancies from law firms and companies that are looking for a profile like yours!

As a specialist in labour law you try to balance the relationship between employer and employee and you give advice on labour disputes. This can be about NDAs, salary negotiations, but also human resource disputes such as discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

You can work in companies, the legal profession or the government. The employment lawyer is also familiar with issues related to the social security of the company's employees. He or she can draft good advice on these matters and manage possible disputes.

Technology, media and telecommunications

Technology and telecommunications is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. New laws are constantly being issued at national, European and international level.

If you want a career with companies, NGOs or governments who are looking for profiles with legal knowledge of technology, media and telecommunications, Legaljob is the right place for you.

As a TMT lawyer, you have a very varied job description. You can give advice on software licences and you have a good practical knowledge of intellectual rights. In addition, you must be up to date with developments in Internet law, privacy rights and e-commerce.

A good TMT lawyer must have a thorough knowledge of the technology and media industry and be aware of and stay abreast of the latest developments and innovations in various sectors. A decent knowledge of sector-specific terminology is also necessary because you often have to consult with non-legal stakeholders.

Data protection & privacy

Lawyers and law students know that privacy law is on the rise. After major legislative changes such as GDPR, there is a need for specialists who know how to apply the various privacy laws and write well-founded legal opinions.

A privacy lawyer is able to draw up policies and procedures for the collection, use, disclosure and management of personal information that are in line with business processes. He or she must be able to distinguish between the data protection of offline and online information.

A good lawyer who wants to handle data protection and privacy law must be able to do more than just apply Belgian law. You must also be able to translate European law, international treaties and American law - think of Facebook & Youtube's data protection - into practical advice.

If you want to build a career in a fast-growing and important sector, the vacancies for privacy lawyer are definitely for you!

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Competition law

Do you want to work as a corporate lawyer in large companies? Do you dream of making a career in a large international law firm? Then an interest in or specialisation in competition law is for you.

As a competition law lawyer, you look at competition between companies, the impact on the international market, and you work with various authorities. You conduct and support negotiations on the approval of takeovers, mergers and joint ventures. In addition, you must be able to provide sound and well-founded advice on agreements to ensure that they can withstand competition proceedings by the government or the European Union.

Transportation law

For lawyers and solicitors with a passion for international law, transport law cases always stand out. Rarely do you need international law to give good and conclusive advice on legal disputes.

If you want to work as a lawyer in transport law, you must be able to combine knowledge of international treaties, international law and national law. In addition, you must be familiar with logistical terms and principles in order to provide practical legal advice.

Do you want to specialise further in transport law and are you looking for a law firm or company to work for? Then take a look at our most current vacancies for transport law profiles.

Traffic law

Do you want to practice law on a local scale and be close to your clients? Lawyers in traffic law know the legislation surrounding traffic accidents and traffic offences inside out.

You work closely with clients and complete cases quickly. You can deal with different actors involved in a traffic accident such as insurers, the other party, the public prosecutor, mediators, police and the police court.

Find recent job offers to get started as a lawyer in traffic law here!

Criminal law

One thing you can say with certainty: no two criminal cases are the same. Do you like a lot of variety, do you want to work very closely with your clients and can you unite different branches of law in a practical way to an opinion or a plea? Then a career as a criminal lawyer is something worth considering.

As a criminal lawyer, you often argue in court and defend your client's interests either as a civil party or against the public prosecutor. You will also need good communication and legal skills outside of court. You will often have to assist your client during a police interrogation or enter into a dialogue with a mediator.

Of course, you will often have to deal with criminal law, but a good penal lawyer knows that this is not nearly enough. Law firms are looking for profiles that can combine criminal law with financial and economic law, juvenile law, international law, traffic law and much more.

A job as a specialist in criminal law is challenging, complex and has few days where you do the same thing as the day before. Does this appeal to you? Then you can find vacancies for criminal law specialist all over Belgium on our site!

Juvenile law

As a lawyer specialised in juvenile law, you defend the rights and interests of minors. Minors are subject to different rules, which requires a separate specialisation. Both the perpetrator and the victim can come before the youth court, if they are under 18.

Often you also have to deal with family issues where a minor is an interested party. Think of family problems, abuse, divorces, etc. These can also come before the family court, so as a lawyer you must also be familiar with family law.

Are you looking for a law firm that recruits lawyers in youth law? You can find these relevant vacancies on Legaljob!

Insolvency law

An insolvency lawyer is well versed in company law, has a passion for business and is an excellent negotiator. As a lawyer, you will act when a company has been declared bankrupt, is ripe for judicial winding-up or has been placed under an administrator.

You will represent the company, the government, the partners, creditors or third parties. Bankruptcy lawyers work in and outside the courtroom. Outside the courtroom, they advise their clients on the complexities of bankruptcy law and assist them in reducing their debt burden by liquidating assets, making savings, or judicial restructuring and paying creditors. Or they work on the side of the creditors and try to get as much money as possible from their debtors.

Do you want a challenging job where the interests are often diametrically opposed and your performance as a lawyer is often linked to the final outcome of the dispute? Then a career as an insolvency lawyer is what you want!

On Legaljob you will find legal vacancies from law firms and companies looking for insolvency law talent like yours!

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