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A tax lawyer or tax specialist provides advice and guidance on issues such as how a proposed tax law may affect a client's business and how the client can avoid any negative consequences. They also advise clients on due dates for tax returns and how to avoid problems with the tax authorities if a return is filed late. Tax lawyers advise on the interpretation of financial regulations, accounting standards and compliance requirements, as well as how they affect specific industries or products and services.

Tax is constantly changing and growing. This makes it a great time to work as a tax or tax lawyer. There are plenty of opportunities for skilled professionals in this field, and there are plenty of open vacancies available.
In Belgium, there is no shortage of vacancies for tax lawyers. If you are looking to work as a tax lawyer, you should start by exploring different ways to contribute to the community. Besides practising law, you can e.g. speak at events on topics related to taxation. tax lawyers have a lot of freedom when it comes to how to use their skills and knowledge at work. As long as you have the right personality and work ethic, there should be plenty of opportunities for you.

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