Legal counsel jobs in Brussels

Just graduated or planning to change jobs? In Brussels, opportunities are always at hand, especially for legal professions such as legal counsel or in-house counsel! You can find the most recent vacancies here. Every day publishes new jobs from different employers. SMEs, multinationals and government are all looking for legal counsel through our job board. That is why we are the best place online to find a job as a legal counsel.

Why become a legal counsel?

After graduating in law, you often have the choice to become either a lawyer or a legal counsel. Many people choose to become a legal counsel because it has a few distinct advantages. Firstly, it is a lot less stressful than working in a law firm, and secondly, you do not have to complete a 3-year internship.

Being a legal counsel in Brussels is also a very varied job. You will be working in an international environment where you are highly sought after on the labour market. You can easily get a job in the capital with a large company, but also with a government agency or an NGO. You will not get bored easily as a legal counsel!

Brussels the ideal city for a legal counsel!

Brussels is the capital of Europe, there is no place in Belgium where you will find more legal professions together than here! Here you will find large multinationals such as Microsoft and Google, NGOs such as WWF and, of course, numerous governmental institutions from the European, national and regional governments.

Legal counsel in Brussels earns the most in the country. You can also find work in just about any branch of law you want. It is one of the only places in Belgium where you can really specialise as a legal counsel and not have to be a generalist.

As a legal counsel in Brussels, you will usually work in a very diverse environment and you will be able to network very well. You can easily find a job with employers in sectors you find most interesting, and you often have the opportunity to work a lot with international law.

Where to find legal counsel jobs in Brussels?

Sometimes it is difficult to know which job platform to choose in order to find good and especially recent jobs. At Legaljob you can simply subscribe to the JobAlert and you will immediately receive a notification when an interesting job is posted for you.

That way, you don't have to spend hours looking around on the Internet anymore and just keep an eye on your mailbox. At Legaljob you will find the latest legal jobs from the most interesting employers in Belgium. You can work for a small company in Brussels, but there are also government jobs on our jobsite. In addition, you will of course also find jobs from the Big Four!

Have a look at now for the most recent vacancies in the legal sector! Also don't forget that we have a handy JobAlert that keeps you informed about new jobs in the legal sector in Belgium.

Legal counsel jobs in Brussels